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Helikoptermodel: 407GXi


Fabrikant: Bell
Model: 407GXi
ICAO-Type: B407
IT: H1t
Motor: 1 x Rolls-Royce Model 250-C47E/4 turboshaft engine with dual digital FADEC 761 shp
Zitplaatsen: 1+6pax
Gewicht (leeg | kg): 1.224
Gewicht (max | kg): 2.268
Maximumsnelheid (km/u): 259
Vluchtsnelheid (km/u): 246
Lengte (m): 12,7
Hoogte (m): 3,56
Rotor diameter (m): 10,67
The Bell 407GXi incorporates new avionics, an upgraded engine, and new executive interior design options. With Garminís G1000Hģ NXi Integrated Flight Deck pilots benefit from high-definition displays and faster processors that provide increased brightness and clarity, faster startup and map rendering as well as an option for connectivity to tablets and smartphones. The Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 dual-channel FADEC turbine engine delivers exceptional hot and high performance, fuel efficiency and the ability to cruise at 133 kts/246 km/h.

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